Soroush Nour

Soroush Nour

Rock Climbing Guide, Mountain guide, Mountain Biking Guide

Soroush born on 1992 and majored in civilization engineering. He has chosen to become a professional mountaineer, as he had many experiences in mountain climbing and rock climbing.  His enthusiasts led him to this place. Climbing in different categories rock climbing the top routes on the BigWalls. Ice climbing and Glacier climbing are the fields that has labeled him as one of the best adventure guides of Iran mountain guide association (IMGA).


You can read some of the most important ascends of him below:

  • Climbing the whole Doberar mountain ridge
  • Sabalan Glacier climbing
  • Climbing Nava Ice fall
  • Climbing Alam-Kuh (Alam-Kouh) BigWall
  • BigWall Climbing in areas (Anjedan, Pol-e Khab, Veresk Wall, Chalabeh etc.)