Morteza Nadi

Morteza Nadi

Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing Guide, Mountain guide (trekking and expedition), Ski mountaineering guide, Caving instructor.

Morteza Nadi, Born on 7.7.1992 in Tehran. He started mountain climbing at the age seven. Ever since he has become interested in outdoor activities especially rock climbing. He is an active adventure guide since 2006. And experienced in different categories such as Rock climbing, ice climbing, Caving, Trekking and Skiing.

Member of Iran youth national mountain climbing team
You can read about his experiences below:
Rock climbing instructor
Ice climbing instructor
Caving instructor
BigWall climbing leader in Alam-Kouh BigWall (800 meters)
Ski mountaineering guide
Glacier climbing in Sabalan and Kasra region (Ardabil)
Caving expedition in Turkey: Morja Cave (1240 meters depth), Yarik Cave (740 meters depth)
Caving expedition in Iran: Jojar cave (320 meters depth)