Mehdi Soheildfarid

Mehdi SoheilFarid Iran Mountain Guide Association
Mehdi Soheildfarid

Mountain Guide (Trekking)

Executive director: Mehdi Soheil Farid

Mehdi started his first venture while he was only 10 years old. There is much to say about Mehdi, he is a professional photographer and most importantly member of Iranian red crescent society, plus he has dedicated his life on different activities and taking part courses such as Mountain medicine, rescue operation, paragliding, advanced rock climbing and other activities of the same nature, as the matter of fact his courage and effort really generates the gravity.

Mehdi is mostly known for his eco and humanitarian activities as he participates in rescue missions in places that facing misfortunes and natural disasters. However, there is no going around the fact that Mehdi is one of most trusted and experienced ones when it comes to adventure.


Memberships and expertise:

  1. Member of International Federation of Mountaineering (UIAA)
  2. Full Member of Board of Directors of UIAA ACCESS
  3. Founder of Nature Friends Austria International Branch – Iran
  4. Head of Access Division of Iran Federation of Mountaineering and Sports Climbing (IMSCF)
  5. Head of Alborz Province Climbing Committee 2009-2014
  6. Instructor and Coach of Ice Climbing in Iran
  7. Instructor of Iran Climbing National Team
  8. Instructor of Map reading and working with Compass from IMSCF
  9. Instructor of Mountain Rescue from Iran Red Crescent Society
  10. Secretary of the Ski Climbing Committee of IMSCF from 2013 and 2014
  11. Issuing of Sport Certificate of IMSCF from 2007 to 2009.
  12. Judge and Designer of the Sky Running Tournaments
  13. Official Mountain Guide authorized by IMSCF and Iran Cultural and Tourism Organization
  14. Official Ecotourism Guide authorized by IMSCF and Iran Cultural and Tourism Organization
  15. Dive Master of CMAS
  16. Technical Diver of TDI
  17. Supervisor of various diving programs in Iran
  18. Supervisor of various Incoming teams from different countries (more than 50 countries)
  19. Supervisor of various nature programs and climbing programs in Iran in different seasons
  20. Participation in various international and National ACCESS Commission Meetings.
  21. Participation in different international climbing programs (Europe, Asia, Africa, America)
  22. Advance Paragliding Expert