Best locations for Ski mountaineering in Iran

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Best locations for Ski mountaineering in Iran


Iran has a rich geological nature with a unique climate situation. Mostly Iranian enjoy having all four seasons at the same time. For instance, you can enjoy skiing on the north, get to seashore, and enjoy the sun on south in just a single day.

Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges cover the most of the country. In fact, you can find more than 150 mountains above 4000 meters, these Mountains are widely spread around the country, and they are different and unique in their properties.

High altitude, Good snow condition, and long ski Season are the reasons that makes best locations for ski mountaineering in iran. Although it is not a very long time since athletes started ski mountaineering in Iran, there are lots of sites suitable with great potential for this activity.

Here we want to name some of the attractive locations, which is compatible to the needed options for this sport like the Mount Damavand, Alam-kuh (Alam-Kooh), Sabalan Mountain and Zard-Kuh region.

As you know for sure ski mountaineering is an adventures activity that cannot be done everywhere. It needs its appropriate environment, according to this matter these spots intact regions are magnificent for the athletes in this field. Many people had started doing Ski mountaineering in Iran. Now there are many other fans who are attracted and added to the society of this activity.


Mount Damavand (5610 m)

Damavand mountain is situated at north of Tehran and it is a part of Alborz mountain range with the height of 5610 meter. It’s the highest volcano of Asia. Damavand is mostly snowy, in summer it has brooks on it. There are many thermal springs on the foot of this mountain.

In 1836 British Sir. Tampson had hiked Damavand for the first time and since then trekking Damavand become popular. However, Damavand is not only famous for trekking. Ski mountaineering the highest volcano of Asia has become an interesting activity for adventurists. You can enjoy your time skiing on Damavand between Decembers to May.

2.      Alam-Kuh 

Alam-Kuh (Alam-kooh) is the other ski mountaineering site in Iran. It is located at Mazandaran province.  Alam-Kuh is Aka Alp of Iran. Spectacular views and great snow condition has made this place a great destination for ski mountaineering lovers. Beside that, easy access to the region has expanded the potentials for skiing and expeditions on winter.


3.     Sabalan

Sabalan Mountain is in Azerbaijan province west of Ardabil. It is the third highest mountain of Iran and the second highest volcano of the country. Sabalan is famous for its unique Crater Lake summit. A silent volcano with thermal springs on the foot and a coverage of snow. The region is famous as coldest part of Iran and that is a testament for long ski season.


4.      Zard-Kuh 

Zard-kuh (Zard-Kooh) the region of the leveled mountains and villages in Iran. Because of the high altitude of this region, Zard-kuh is mostly snowy during the year. Easy access to region from Isfahan and great snow condition are among the reasons why you can enjoy ski mountaineering in Zard-Kuh (Zard-Kooh).


Best time for Skiing in Iran

The Ski season varies in Iran depending on the region. However, for Ski mountaineering on these areas the best is between Novembers to end of March. Although you can try ski mountaineering in Zard-kuh (Zard-Kooh) region by end of May.





Ski mountaineering in Iran

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Ski mountaineering in Iran


Why you should try Ski mountaineering in Iran?


There are different reasons why tourists and adventurists choose Iran as their destination for Ski mountaineering. When the days are cold and still rain in Europe, you can enjoy Skiing on the most remote mountains in Iran. On the other hand, some other people choose Iran because it is quite reasonable to travel to, especially while you are in a group.

Undoubtedly, if you are a ski fan you must try Iran. Because of the leveled mountains, the snow on the fields vary from elevation to elevation. Relating to that the snow condition is suitable for Skiing. In the following, we are going to introduce you, some of the best locations for ski mountaineering in Iran.

  1. Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand is the highest mountain of Iran and the highest volcanic summit of Asia with elevation of 5610 m. It is located in Amol province and only 2-hours’ drive from Tehran. Damavand is the number one destination for ski mountaineers; however, the high altitude might make it a bit challenging but many adventurists attempt to top the summit of the highest volcano of Asia. The best time for Ski mountaineering Damavand is between Februarys to mid may.

  1. Doberar ridge

Doberar is one of the longest mountain ridges of Iran with more 35 summits on it. Among all the summits there are mainly three summits that are quite popular for Ski mountaineering. Gole Zard, Angemar and Changiz Chal. The easy access and transfer are the reasons why these three summits are more popular.

Doberar ridge is located in Amol province. Doberar ridge is quite close to Mount Damavand. The close distance and leveled summits (mostly more than 4000 meters) have made Doberar Mountain ridge a best location for acclimatization for those who want to make their ascend to the summit of Damavand.

  1. Zard-Kuh (Zard-Kouh)

Zard-Kuh (Zard-Kouh) region belongs to Charmahal and Bakhtiari tribes. Located at almost southwestern of Iran. Enjoys from the most leveled mountains. Zard-kuh region is part of Zagros mountain range. Zard-Kuh (Zard-Kouh) is most of the year covered with snow and the ski season lasts for almost 8 to 9 months in the year. Great snow condition and virgin snow, beside the spectacular views of glaciers are the reason that you must give this place a visit.

Best time for visit is recognized between Februarys to mid-June.

  1. Sabalan (Ardabil)

Ardabil is the considered as the coldest province of Iran. In some part of Ardabil, the temperature in winter reaches to minus 45 degrees. The point about Ardabil is that there are no air-conditioning in the houses and apartments as the weather is quite cool in summer. All these reason are approve of a long ski season in this area.

Sabalan Mountain (4811 m) is absolutely the best destination for Ski mountaineering. Sabalan holds the crown for the most beautiful summit in Iran. The Crater Lake summit, which is frozen during the year, is one of the natural phenomena of this region.

The best time for ski mountaineering in this region starts from Februarys to mid may.

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All About Zard-Kuh

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All About Zard-Kuh

Zard-Kuh (4224m.) which means Yellow Mountain is located in central Zagros mountain range in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province of Iran. Local people call it Zard-Kuh e Bakhtiari. It is in west of Iran and it is the second highest mountain in Zagros mountain range after Dena.

Zard-Kuh is one of the richest sources of water for important river flows such as Karun and Zayande-Rud. It is important because of the pouring rains.

Zard-Kuh region’s levelled mountains provide a great possibility for trekking and you can have levelled summits. Mountaineers mostly start their journey from the Cherry pass and continue their way to Robat Bala, Algeh Bala, Dareh Shoo, and Zard-Kuh pass. In the end you will arrive at the Kouhrang dam that is considered as one of the main resources of mineral water in Iran.

Kolunchin is one of the popular summits in Zard-Kuh region. To ascend Kolunchin from Chelgerd County, you have three paths to take.

First one is the north face which is steep and it is a long a way to the summit. The second one would be the eastern face but there are two routes that mountaineers mostly prefer. One of them is through the valley which is covered with snow during the winter. so, it is almost dangerous and it is not suggested for climbing in winter and it’s good for trekking in spring. The other one is through the east face that is convenient for winter ascends.

The weather in Zard-Kuh is quite cold during the year and climbing is truly dangerous in winter due to the heavy snow and possible danger of avalanche. Therefore, ski mountaineering is recommended from November to May. Moreover, Zard-Kuh is a vast land which is available for skiing during winter or even mid-spring. You can go skiing in Chelgerd ski resort where is located at approximately 2500 above the sea level. During summer, trekking is a good idea in which you can enjoy the spectacular scenery while hiking.