Where to climb in Iran?

Where to climb in Iran?

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Where to climb in Iran?

Iran is mostly known as a cultural destination for tourists. On the other hand, there are many pure locations suitable for rock climbing in iran that attract tourists there. So by reading this article you can get familiar with the best places to climb in Iran and the hubs of rock climbing. The best theme for adventure travelers, who has chosen Iran as their destination, is the combination trips. And the good point about rock climbers is that they can have an interesting venture on their trip to the rock climbing cities.

  1. Rock climbing In Bisotun

Bisotun region is located at Kermanshah province at west side of Iran. To your knowledge, you must know that it is one of the old cities of Iran with numerous historical sites. So, if you are interested in BigWall Climbing and sport climbing you can choose Bisotun region for your venture.

What to see in Kermanshah:

Taq-e Bostan, Mount Paraw, Bisotun old city, Statue of Hercules.


  1. Bouldering in Hamedan

Hamedan is one of the oldest cities of Iran and once the capital of Achamenid Empire. But when it comes to rock climbing Hamedan is recognized as the home of the top rock climbers in Iran.

If you are interested in Bouldering, Hamedan is an interesting place to be. Beside that you can enjoy the culture and city sightseeing.

What to see in Hamedan:

Hegmataneh, Alavian Dome and Meuseum of Hegmataneh, Ali-Sadr Cave and Ganjnameh.


  1. Qazvin, Bouldering

Qazvin, a medieval city. And the history of it, backs to Safavid dynasty. There are many potentials for sport climbing and bouldering in Qazvin.  You can find different routes with any kind of difficulty levels in this area. Mostly it is a very good place for mountain biking. Road biking in Alamut road is also recommended on this region.

What to see in Qazvin:

Alamut historical, Alamut Castle, Evan Lake, Caravanserai of Sa’d al-Saltaneh, Chehel sotoun palace.


  1. Tehran, Bouldering, sport climbing

One of the easiest locations to reach in Iran is the capital. So you can have a direct flight to Tehran and accommodate in the somewhere in the city. To get to the climbing spots all you need is a ride to the safest climbing spot. Depending in your skills and style, you can choose different places to climb.

As you may know, the capital is a different city in comparison with other provinces we talked about on this article. And you can find different types of activities. Enjoying the historical sites, cafes, museums and other activities of the same nature.

What to see in Tehran:

Grand Bazar, Golestan Palace, Abgineh museum, Sa’ad Abbad Palace, Eram amusement park, Pars Aqua village, museum of music, Milad tower.


  1. BigWall climbing in Kelardasht

The best place for BigWall Climbing is Kelardasht. In fact, when it comes to Kelardasht you must know that we are going to climb on Alam-kuh (4848 m). A giant granite wall that is recognized as the most technical wall in Iran. An 800-hundered meters of granite wall.

What to see in Kelardasht:

Ojabiat palace, valasht lake, Alam-Kuh, Vandarbon village.


Iran top summits

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Iran top summits

Iran is among the top 20 countries in the world, in terms of the total area (1,648,195 ) according to Statista.com.  Approximately around two/3rd of the area of Iran is the covered with mountains.  

Iran enjoys from more 150 summits above 4000 meters and crosses the all the summits of the Alps. Here on this article we are going to get familiar with top three highest mountains. We are going to understand where they are located. When is the best time for climbing, skiing? And other general details.

  1. Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand is the highest volcano of Asia and the highest mountain of Iran. It recognized as the symbol of Iranians. Regarding to these facts it is an interesting place for mountain climbers. Activities like trekking, mountain biking, ski mountaineering, glacier climbing and winter expeditions and other activities of the same nature.

There are so many routes to climb mount Damavand. However, there are mostly two faces of the south and the north east which are popular among mountain climbers.

There are two huts on Damavand. One placed on the south route at 4200 meters (Bargah Sevoom). You can rent private rooms or public rooms and use the facilities of the hut.

The other one located on the northeast face and located at 4400 meters above the sea level. The hut is the basic shelter and you must be equipped well especially in winter.

There are also eco camps in the trekking season on the both faces, which are according to the international standards.

If you are interested in trekking the highest volcano of Asia, you can trek Damavand between mid-June to late September. And if you are interested in winter ascend you can start from November to early March.

  1. Alam-Kuh

Alam-Kuh is the second highest mountain of Iran and known as the most technical mountain of Iran. From trekking to BigWall climbing and ski mountaineering you can enjoy the different paths. And more to have chance for summiting many 4000rs summits.

There are no hut on Alam-kuh except the hesarchal Eco-camp, which is suitable for foreign adventurists and tourists.

If you are interested in BigWall climbing you can take the Alam-chal route for climbing. You must conquer with 300 meters wall of granite for climbing.

The best time for trekking is between June to September and for ski mountaineering you can try Alam-kuh between early December to end of March.


  1. Sabalan

Sabalan Mountain is the third highest mountain of the Iran and located in Ardabil province. It is 4811 meters. The bold point about sabalan is the Crater Lake summit, it is mostly frozen during the year. Between July to September (trekking season) you can enjoy the lake at the summit.

There is shelter on the northeast face of Sabalan with only basic facilities and to get you ought to be well Equipped. Ardabil is recognized as the coldest part of Iran and regarding this matter it mostly covered with snow and it is a perfect place for ski mountaineering.