Alvand mountain

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Alvand mountain

A single mountain from east branches of central zagros, with the dimentions of 1375 square kilometers.

The biggest geranit phenomenon from the fourth time geology. Alvand mountain is connected to Khoda bande lo mountain in sanandaj from north west, from south east to Rasvand heights and Vafs mountain. The highest summit of it named as alvand located 18 kilometers in south of Hamedan and its crest is between Hamedan and tuyserkan and Its height from sea is 3574 meters. The direction of this mountain is from north west to south east. Alvand devide Hamedan state to two north and south halfs. This mountain has deep green head valleys, fountains and different summtis. This region is on the list of protected areas in iran. Also it is on the list of iran natural heritage. Alvand mountain ranges is considerable and  precious from the lithology aspect.

From the famous valley of alvand we can mention morad beyg valley, mishan plateau and takht nader. There is also a valuable historical site on Alvand valleys which is a heritage from achaemenid period and that is ganj nameh.


Takht nader

Takht nader is one of the alvand mountain plateaus in Hamedan . its vegetation with the dimensition of 1.5 hectare grass land located in 2900 meters from the sea level. There are nagotiations on its name , some said its name come from the king nader , when he came to visit this region. As whole this site is so beautiful and worth to see it and it is an interesting destination In Hamedan.

 Ganj nameh

There are precious inscriptions from  the period of dariush and achaemenid khashayar sha the Persian king. They are written on alvand rocks at the end of abas abad  in 5 kilometers west of Hamedan . Inscriptions are in three columns with tweny rows. It is written within three languages.

Ganj name has also a waterfall within the height of 12 meters .

Also High rocks of this region attracts many athletes to this site for rock climbings.

Mishan plateau

Close to one of the fabulous summits of iran, alvand, there is a spacious green head plateau. Its dimention is one hectare on the way of rising up to alvand. The way to this site involves mountain climbing and as you get higher you will see a stunning land scape which you can enjoy. The best season to visit this plateau is in spring and summer

Morad beyg valley

The biggest valley of alvand mountain valley. It is in south of Hamedan. Despite other alvand valleys which are on the way of ancient ways this valley is located in a closer area with not much commute. There is only a path that is at the end of the valley and its not suitable for cars.