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Taftan volcanic mountain

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Taftan is the name of a semi active volcano in Iran. This mountain is located in south east of Iran in Sistan and Balochestan state and with the height of 3941 meters from the sea level is a high volcanic mountain and has several summits. The volcanic summit of this region is famous as Chehel tan which in terms of linguistic can be translated for the for (forty people). It is located in 380 kilometers from the Mokran sea and only 100 kilometers distance from Zahendan city. From three of its craters,  sulfur steam is always egressing.  In the entrance of the craters there are many pure sulfur boards. This summit has two branches, one in northern region and its name is ziarat and the other one that is shorter and named as Madeh kooh. From the north east its name is Sobah kooh and from the west it is Nar kooh. The closest city to Taftan is Khash. According to the history of outbursts of this volcanic summit in 6950 years ago and having no activity in the recent years this summit is famous as a semi active one.

Because of the strong and cold winds in winter climbing to this summit is so hard. In other words the three hour rout to shelter needs more than eight hours. Native people believes that forty people from the religious masters were lost in the main summit they name it chehel tan. Taftan mountain range length is 12 kilometers.

In taftan heights you can see three lakes famous as Daryasar. Two of them are in the north part of Taftan They have fresh water and they are not deep. The other lake is deep and has salty water. There are also other rivers which comes from this mountain. There are many kind of  plants that grow in this region. Wolf, fox and jackals are from the animal cover of this area. Normally snowing and the snow storage in this region is less than Dena and Damavand. By the way referring to the point that if the material that exits from the Taftan volcanic summit mixed with water it makes a toxic  matter.

As whole there are four main routs to climb to Taftan. Shelter route in west face, Torshab village from east, Tamin village in north and Sangan and Khonjak village in north east.