Maintaining habitats

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Maintaining habitats


In recent year’s efforts for following up and creation of habitats is under attraction. Maintaining habitats means to prohibit the irregular hunt and prevent the destruction of rare animal generation. So there are actions in progress about that in iran. For this purpose an area with the size of 7.2 million kilometers is created in the country. Authorities built 50 biological range include eight wildlife parks, 38 protected areas and four forbidden areas .

Wild life parks


Wild life are talented areas like pasturage, forest, mountains or the rivers beside them.

These parks has a set of rules. For the reason of always protecting the life of animals and plants and reproducing of them.

As whole in these areas hunting, grazing livestock and cutting trees and other plants is illegal.

The biggest park of the country is the wild park of Golestan. It is in Golestan forest, Khorasan and Gorgan borders. In other words located in maintenance area and east of Gonbad-e Kavoos and Bojnord.

This area is about 90 thousand hectares. Aggregation jungles with Caspian leaves covers one point third of the land. There has also trees with niddle leaves at heights.

In low height areas and out of forests thick trees give their places to brambles and steppe plats.

Animals in this land are protected under special conditions. The flood of July 2001 caused considerable damage to the creature of this area.

Protected habitats

Rules of wild parks are predominant in these areas. So Grazing livestock is completely illegal.

we can name urmieh lake and its islands from the maitained habitats  .

Protected area of kavir in bakhtar in dasht kavir and protected area of anzali swampt and at last arzhan plain, Parishan Lake and Bakhtegan lake area and Hamoon Lake are all protected areas.

Forbidden areas

These areas include lands that are for protecting and reproducing of animals. So Hunting is illegal for several years there. After this period hunting is free under conditions.