The snow heaven of Iran in Shemshak Ski Resort

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The snow heaven of Iran in Shemshak Ski Resort


Shemshak is famous as alp of Iran.The city with wooden cottages and a ski resort. It is located in foot land of mountains around Tehran. Visiting mountains covered with snow and enjoying snow amusements attract many people to this area. If you are fan of skiing this international ski site can be a great choice for having an exciting day. Shemshak is one of the cities county Fooman roodbar ghasran township of north of Tehran.

Shemshak city

This city includes, up Shemshak and down Shemshak, Darbandsar, sefidstan villages, farms, dorod and jirod.

 Shemshak resort and Darbandsar resort are the most important tourism sites in this area.  Dal Neshin summit, Aftab Nadide Lake, and the huge “band ban” rock are the other sites visitors can enjoy.

Shemshak has got several beautiful hotels, villas. They have different architecture with spectacular view that makes this area to countryside for Tehran.

History of ski and ski resort construction in Iran

Not a very long time ago Shemshak mountains snow were kept intact until spring in order to join the rivers.

Ski was not a well-known sport, and amusement options were not in heights.

Decedent person named (baba jan ali save shemshaki) had written in his diary about german engineers that were working in coal mine of Shemshak.he wrote

The German engineer the head of the motor house of coalmine used to do a special activity.

In holidays, they use long woods to attach them to their foot and gliding on snow and Sometimes germans jumped from a deep pit and by watching them we were also interested in this activity.

so we made some instruments like them and start skiing and This way little by little native people get interested in this activity.

Following that the very first ski resort created in “Tello hills” and after that in Shemshak.

After a while with adding equipment like lifting device, hammered skiing, chairlift and Gandola lift this sport become famous in this area.

And now these days Shemshak become one of the important winter destinations for ski fans.

Shemshak international ski resort

Shemshak Ski Resort is the biggest resort in Iran after Dizin. This resort launched working in 1958.

This international resort located in north east of Tehran in a near distance from Shemshak city.

From equipment of this resort we can mention two chairlift, two plate boarding, two hammered skiing and yellow spotlight.

Having two hotels and four restaurants makes this resort more suitable for staying.

Furthermore, one of the most attractive features of this area is special lighting at nights and within the yellow spotlights there is possibility to ski at midnight for the fans.

Shemshak height in the most high spot is 3050meters and in low spot is 2550 meters from the sea.


Dizin ski resort opened in 1968. In north of Tehran mountains (Gajere area),

and in destination of 123 kilometers from Chaloos road and 71 kilometers of Shemshak road.

Height of lowest level from the sea in this area is 2650 meters and highest point is 3600 meter. From the comforts of this zone according to the size of this area, there are two hotels,19 huts and five restaurants. There are also ski activities in winter.

In 1993 under the supervision of ski world federation and with companion of professionals in this field grass skiing launched.

This ski resort is the first ski resort in Iran and it is confirmed by ski world federation for holding official matches. It becomes well known for holding official matches.

Formality of this site depends on special features which includes technical notes like slope of the way, length of the way, the exact place of matches held and other welfare facilities.