Caves in Iran

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Caves in iran

Caves are the result of physical and chemical destruction of streams and underground rivers that like superficial rivers makes their river beds.

In long time ago caves used as human shelters.They were places to save food and water and also protecting people from the animals and cold and hot weather.

Iran has got 2500 dry and watery caves. If you are interested in having adventures and have a trip to deep inside the ground lets travel and plan to visit caves in iran which are in so many different types.


Alisadr cave is the biggest water cave in the world. It belongs to 190 million years ago. Its archaism backs to Jurassic period. Because there is no light in the cave no creature is alive except single cells and algae. Also Nifargoosh a special hard-shell that belongs to alisadr is living there . Because it is mostly water inside the cave for visiting different parts of it you need to ride boats. You can go within 2 kilometers inside the cave. Also its full of stalaktit and stalagmits,

You can get there within one hour from Hamedan. The weather inside the cave is moderated even in summer and you need to have warm clothes with you.

Ghoori ghaleh

The longest cave in iran and the biggest water cave in asia. It is located in Kermanshah. It belongs to 65 million years ago. This cave has several famous halls. One of them is called Beethoven hall that  each candle of it makes a uniqe sound. Its interesting to know a rare kind of bat is still living there.

Katale khor cave

An enormous beautiful cave located in 120 km from south of zanjan. It was discovered about 9 years ago but the operations is not over. katale means low mountain and khor is the abbreviation of khorshid(sun). Because of the summit that the cave is located in that this cave is named. Until now 3 levels of this cave is dicscovered. But it is guessed that there is created of 7 levels and makes it as the first limestone cave in the world.

geological studies says that the cave formation date backs to the Jurassic period. Some scientists said that this cave is connected to alisadr cave in hamadan.

Inside the cave human skeleton and clay hand crafts are found and now 2 kilometers of the cave is that is a third of the cave is open for visit.

Chama ice cave

A cave that if you want to see the similar ones with that you have to travel to the northern zones on the planet. Visiting this much of ice and snow in warm seasons will amaze you. The cave is located in chaharmahal bakhtiari in chama valley.

This site is the largest sweet water source in iran. under the ice there is a lucid river which finalize to koohrang dam and dont forget to bring suitable shoes and safety supplies.


Ayoob cave

This cave is on a mountain with this name in kerman. Its special feature is the huge crater which is the biggest crater between caves in iran.  It has height of 80 meters and length of 60 meters, moreover that it is the biggest igneous cave in iran.


Saholan cave

One of the most amazing caves in iran that is located in Azerbaijan, it’s the second atery cave in iran after alisadr.

At the end mentioning the point that there are lots of other caves in iran with different natures and they are all uniqe in their field and worth to see .