Ski Resorts in Iran

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Ski Resorts in Iran

For those who are into skiing, Iran can be a paradise. There are so many ski resorts in Iran; especially in Tehran. You may wonder how that is even possible for a 10 million inhabitant city to be equipped with such ski resorts. Well, I should tell you that this is not the only strange thing you will face in Iran.

Anyways, let us tell you a little about famous ski resorts in Iran.

Ab Ali

Welcome to the first and oldest ski resort in Iran. It is also the first ski resort equipped with mechanical ski lifts in Iran. Ab Ali ski resort is located to the north east of Tehran in Haraz Road. This road also leads you to the north of Iran. It is also the closest resort to Mount Damavand.

The slopes are suitable for beginner and intermediate skiers. It is also a good spot for ski enthusiasts to learn skiing. Likewise there is a hotel if you want to stay for a night.

Ab Ali resort is by the road so can see many local people and tourist there. Ski season in this resort is between December and March.

There is also one more thing to be mentioned. If you visit Ab Ali, there is a gondola but you cannot see a station for it. It is because the gondola belongs to another private resort which is not open to public but it is next to Ab Ali.

In addition, on your way to Ab Ali, you might consider another resort which belongs to the army and it is called Artesh Resort. It is open to public. It is way cheaper than other resorts.


Dizin is the most popular resort in Iran. It is located in Tehran Province and it is a part of Alborz Mountain range. You can ski and snowboard there. The elevation is between 2530 and 3506 meters. Slopes differ from easy to difficult but it is mostly intermediate. The ski season is even longer than European resorts. It is available between late November and late May. Activities in Dizin are not confined to cold season. You can go grass skiing, hiking and etc.

For staying, you have variety of options such as hotels, cottages, chalets, villas, private apartments and local houses.


It is located in Darbandsar village to the north east of Tehran. It is near Mount Damavand in Alborz Mountain Range and it is also a convenient spot to acclimatize before ski-mountaineering Damavand. Moreover, it is not as crowded as other resorts and it offers off-piste skiing and snowboarding.

It is available between mid-December and early May. In case of staying, you can accommodate in chalets or you can stay in Meygoon which is a village close to Darbandsar.


It is located in Tehran and it is available for skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing. It is equipped with lightnings so that you can enjoy skiing at night. Comparing to other resorts it is provided for more advanced skiers. There are two hotels to stay. The best time to visit is between December and April.


Tochal is a big complex located in north of Tehran. It is the 5th highest ski resort in the world (3964m). You can get to the summit by a cable which is a 7km ride. Depending on the snowfall, the ski season starts in December and lasts until April. If you want to stay you have to stay in one of the hotels or you can go back to the city.