Protected area of Dena

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Protected area of dena Dena

 Protected area of Dena is a mountainous region. The discrepancy of the highest and lowest zones of the region is about 3000 thousand meters. Dena has high summits and depp valleys. In  east of Dena, there is Bijan historical trail and its north west and south borders are sourounded by Marbar and Bashaar rivers. Marbar lake is in north of Dena and it continues from east to west. It changes in name after passing from several villages and become as name of Khorasan. After passing several canyons it join to Bashaar river. The joining zone of these rivers is an interesting site . Height of this region from the sea is 1300 meters which is the lowest zone of Dena protected area.

Dena mountains as a resource of water has different valleys and foot land full of lakes. Dena mountains is the main source of many rivers in south of iran.

Protected area of Dena is so rich in the diversity of plant species and by considering to the complex of trees, plants, grassland, medicinal, edible and ornamental, so there is a valuable genetic wealth. In height of 2500 meters, oak trees covers the south footland of Dena. Among oake trees, several species like zalzalak, shen, Arjan and many others are existing. Higher than 3500 meters different kinds an species and herbaceous plants, covers the ground wherever there is soil.

Higher than 4000 meters there are small beautiful plants. Also there are special tulips flowers there specificly growing in this region.Wild life of Dena is the sign of animal diversity of zagros. big brown bears, different kind of eagles and different kind of animals are living there. In Dena protected area there is the possibility of visiting the rare bearded vulture . There are many other kinds of birds that are living in Dena region.  In this site you can also see martens  and the  Persian squirrel  which is one of the most beautiful ones in world.