Mountain and Climbing Events in Iran




Mountain and Climbing Events in Iran

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Mountain and Climbing Events in Iran

If you are a fan of mountaineering and you are seeking an adventure, Iran is a great destinations for you.

Iran, home of the highest volcano of Asia, Damavand, and Crater Lake Mountain like Sabalan, offers variety of activities such as trekking, climbing, ski-mountaineering, splitboarding and big wall climbing.

Every year so many events are held in different spots of Iran and all adventure enthusiasts from all over the world are welcomed. Here is a list of three events that take place in Iran every year.

UIAA Youth Camp

UIAA Youth Camp is a program for young people in their 20s or even 30s that they climb with the help of experienced mountaineers. The aim is that the youth get more familiar with mountains and nature.

It is a 12 day program which starts with trekking Alam-Kuh, the second highest mountain of Iran. Alam-Kuh is also famous for its big walls but this time mountaineers take the other path, Hesarchal. After ascending and staying in the camp, mountaineers head to Noor City where is by the Caspian Sea, the biggest lake in the world. Then it is time to ascend the highest volcano of Asia. In order to trek Damavand, first climbers stay in either of Polour Mountaineering Lodge or Rineh Mountaineering Lodge to get some rest. After four hours of trekking, they arrive at eco-camps in the south face of Damavand. After all the trekking, it is time for a city tour. These youth will take a tour around Tehran.

This camp has taken place for five times in a row in Iran.



UIAA Youth camp in Damavand

ISMF Ski-mountaineering Series

With the aim of enhancing ski-mountaineering in Iran, this event was held in Mount Damavand. Local adventure groups and Iranian sponsors.


ISMF ski-mountaineering event in Iran


Big Wall Climb Bisotoun

This brilliant event takes place in Bisotoun County in Kermanshah Province. The aim is to introduce Bisotoun big wall and other attractions of Kermanshah to people. If you can summit the top of the wall, you can also try base jumping. This Festival is organized by Groupe de Haute Montagne which is an international organization based in France, IRI Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation and the Alpine Club of Iran.



ISMF ski-mountaineering event in Iran