Learn how to ski

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Learn how to ski

(Part ONE)


Skiing is a very simple and enjoyable sport if tackled in the correct way. You do not have to be eithter young or athletic to enjoy the pleasures of gliding down a slope on skis. Befor making your first steps on snow get used to your equipment whilst learning a few basics.

You can learn to ski on a weekened course. Provided the instruction is clear and you are willing to learn. Skiing is as much a mental as a physical activity. It will pay to prepare yourself for the weekened and ensure that your time and attention is devoted solely to the business in hand learning the basics of skiing.

Wearing in

Choose a clear weekened, free of interruptions from family, friends, or social commitments. If possible get your equipment out on hire befor your ski weekened commences and get used to it. Handle the poles, wear your boots (and be sure they fit well), learn how to put on and take of your skis so Get used to the boots especially and feel comfortable wearing them. Walk around and get used to the extra weight they have added to the end of your legs. Walk up and down stairs in them and practice resting your weight on the edges of the boots. This will make subsequent movements on skis that much more familier. You don’t need snow for any of this, the more comfortable you are with your ski equipment, the easier your sking will be when you actually get out on the slopes.


Wearing out

Skiing is a sport and, as with all sports, it pays to be fit or, at any rate, a little fitter, befor you start.

This preparation should begin some weeks befor the course itself. The important element in it is to accustom your muscles to new strains and tone up the body for a certain amount of physical effort. Stretching excercises are extremely useful, as is any activity that helps to strengthen the legs.


Open your eyes to your new environment. One of the great joys of skiing is that it takes place in the mountains. When you go skiing don’t let your desire to master the skills detract you from enjoing the environment, the fresh mountain air, the sunshine, and the sheer beauty of the snow-capped peaks.

On a more practical point when you arrive at the top of the lift and see the mountains spread out all around you, with runs leading off in every direction. Allow time for warming up, flexing your muscles, and getting your bearings. Make sure you have applied sufficient sun block and lip salve, and check that your ski bindings are correctly fastened, and everything is in good order you sett off. Decide where you are going and how to get there. If you don’t feel confident, take a deep breath. Try to relax and go back to the basics you will learn from this book. On these basic techniques rests the whole foundation of your skiing.

Above all though, remember to enjoy youerself. skiing, and learning to ski, should be fun and will be fun if you remember to enjoy it while you are learning the techniques.

Ski resorts

You can find the list of Ski resorts of Iran here.  In early days most of your activity is concentrated on the nursery slopes. Which may not be on the lower slopes, so you may need to use a chairlift or a tow-lift befor you can begin actually skiing. You will also need to carry a lift-pass.

SOURCE: Learn to ski in a weekened(konrad bartelski with robin neillands)