History of skiing in iran

History of skiing in iran



History of skiing in iran

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History of skiing in iran

Iran has mountainous climate and has snowy heights. History of skiing in iran backs to 2000 years befor Christ. In ancient iran people used special equipments with wood and other things to glide on snow. But modern ski entered iran in 1930. Infact Two foreigner groups that came to iran propagate the modern ski in iran. First group were the germans that came to iran to built rail ways. They used to go to alborz footlands for sking. Native people were interested with what they did. Other regions like firooz kuh, haji abad, Shemshak were other sites germans used.

Hasan fazeli might be the first Iranian guy who learned ski professionally. When he was 15 years old he used to go to haji abad region with germans and ski there with them. Few years later because of avalanche 3 people died following that (reza shah) king of iran at that time forbid sking in that region. The second group who helped propagating ski in iran were the educated Iranian people that studied out of iran. They came back to their country from france and swiss and started teaching ski to beginners.


Ski equipments

 In 1941 ( Etehad ) carpentry workshop was the first studio which started to produce ski equipments and sticks in iran.

This workshop was in south of Tehran and its ski sticks was famous as name of Etehad. But befor that a carpenter named (var) used to accept orders for ski sticks in lale zar street. Also In lashgarak a little factory started creating ski sticks in 1949.They started obseving different kinds of woods. They found out that buxus wood are the best kind for ski sticks. Technology of ski sticks was not that much advanced those years.


Have a glance to Ski federation birth in iran

Birth of several federations was the significant events in iran in 1941. Fiftheen federtions including ski federation launched their jobs in 1946. The very first presidency of the ski federation was felix aghayan.

In Early 1921, Ski became popular in iran as a luxury activity for rich people. A few years later ski federation established and became a member of international federation in 1955. Then ski  officially became one of the sport fields in iran. After the Islamic revolution in iran in 1981 saveh shemshaki appointed as the head of the federation. During years different chiefs were in head but save shemshaki survived until 2000.


Holding the first matches

First matches was in 1939 in telo resort with 21 skier in 500 meters. Taghi emami win and became number one in that year. little by little sking became more popular . Matches were held in two branches . Marathon and and speed in short destination. Atheletes like (ebrahim estaki) and (fiper brothers) get to national matches.


Iran Ski resorts


The first ski resort which had chair lift an had ski equipments device is abali . Its Instrument installation date backs to 1954. Befor that athletes and fans of mountains were also sking in this region.

This site has a moderated weather in summer. Some other features like water fountains and holy shrine  of imam zadeh hashem are parts of this site. Abali is located in 57 kilometers, north east of Tehran. This region is the birth place for young ski in iran. Abali includes a gondola lift, 5 chairlift and several other equipments. This resort is also devided into three parts.


Dizin ski resort is the first one of its kind in iran. It has confirmation of  the international ski federation to hold official matches. Dizin ski resort is famouse because of the standard features like appropriate road slope, road length, tournament venue and welfare options. Dizin is located in north of Tehran mountains in (gajere region). Installation date of the first devices was in 1969. The equipments includes gondola, telesiyej, chair lifts and other ones.