Gear up for Alam-Kuh

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Gear up for Alam-Kuh

Alam-Kuh (4848m.) is located in Kalaradsht, Mazandaran province. Mazandaran province is one of the most popular destinations for Iranian people. It benefits from a humid weather. Moreover, you can enjoy the great view of the marvelous Caspian Sea and dense forests. Beside all these activities, you can also experience mountaineering.

Trekking Alam-Kuh

Alam-Kuh is the second highest mountain of Iran after Damavand and it is part of Alborz mountain range.

Alam-Kuh itself is a combination of two words ‘Alam’ which means ‘flag’ or ‘tall’ and ‘Kuh’ which means ‘mountain’.

For those who are planning on climbing Damavand, it’s suggested that they climb Alam-Kuh first for an acclimatization so that their bodies are accustomed to the elevation.

Alam-Kuh is also famous for its big walls that are considered the most technical wall of Iran.

How to get there

Generally, there are two popular routes to take. Either of them come with different levels of difficulty. The northern face aka ‘Alamchal’ has big walls to climb and it is considered the hardest path. The southern face, ‘Hesarchal’ is the most popular route to ascend. To summit via southern face, first you should take Chalous road to get to Kelardasht. From there, there’s a one hour ride to Vandarbon County and there you can get some rest or take a shower at the ‘Federation Mountaineering Lodge’. Then, you head to ‘Tange-Galu’ by a four wheel drive where your journey begins. There are mules to carry the extra load on your way to Hesarchal. Hesarchal is a vast field where mountaineers usually camp there. The next morning, you will summit Alam-Kuh which takes 5-6 hours and then you come back to the camp for a convenient rest. The day after, you can head back to Tehran.

Note: All the travelers and mountain climbers who are interested in climbing Alam-Kuh have to pay permit ascend at the Federation Mountaineering Lodge, before starting their venture. You must be noted that you can pay for permits in every federation office but there is option for you to pay the permit in Vandarbon (the closest village to Alam-Kuh).


If you’re into big walls, you can enjoy big wall climbing from the north face, Alam-Kuh.

Nature enthusiasts can also try trekking from the south face and there, you will enjoy the scenery of the camping spot including pond, river and the panoramic view of the leveled summits around.

For those who seeking an adventure, Alam-Kuh ski mountaineering is among programs that are highly recommended.

Time to visit

Regarding the location of Alam-Kuh and your interest, you should decide when to go. For big wall climbing and trekking the best time would be from June to September. According to the snow season, ski mountaineering would better be done between November to March.