7 days 6 nights

Alam-Kuh (4848 m) is the most technical mountain to climb in Iran. From trekking to BigWall climbing. This trip is about trying one of the most enjoyable routes to ascend Alam-Kuh (4848 m).

9 days 8 nights

This trip is exclusively for rock climbers who are interested to challenge themselves in different styles like Sport climbing, Bigwall climbing or Bouldering. On this trip you will climb in Bisotun and Chalabeh village which are quite popular among rock climbing lovers.

6 days 5 nights

Qazvin is thoroughly one of the greatest locations for Bouldering and rock climbing in Iran. This trip is a combination of Rock climbing and cultural trip in Iran. Suitable for any kind of climbers with different levels.

5 days 4 nights

Boulder at one of the oldest cities in the world. Visiting Hamedan Historical sites and Boulder at remote locations with great routes, the routes that every rock climber must grip.