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Oshtoran kooh

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Oshtoran kooh

Oshtoran kooh mountain is famous as alp of iran. It is in zagroos mountain ranges area. Oshtoran kooh is a mountain range in east of lorestan. It is one of the highest zagros mountain ranges continued from north west to south east and  it is limited to zagroos footlands. It has same borders from south with aligudarz and cheqa gorg and from south east with dorud.

Between 1961 to 1971 this area was from protected areas of iran and it contains multiple plant species and animal species.

From birds living there we can mention to hawks, eagles, owls, quails and ducks also animals such as goats, brown bears, boars, foxes, gray wolves, hyenas, rams, squirrels, wild snakes, wild cats.

Despite alborz mountain range which its mountains and footlands are in a dense form near each other, it seems that zagros mountain ranges like oshtoran kooh, zard kooh, dena and its other mountains are discreted and each of them create a single block.

The highest zone of this mountain is well known as san-boran with height of 4150 meters. And it is one of the 1515 famous summits in the world.

The west footland of Oshtoran kooh is completely rocky. Going through that is so challenging. But going through the east footland is more easier and the route to San-boran and other summits are easier from this part.

Rising to its other summit by name of kool-Jennoo with height of 3980 meters is harder and needs technical knowledge.

There are 14 important and famous summits which are located on this drainage divide.

Oshtoran kooh summits are like arcs that at the end of them there are huge glaciers between two summits. From the famous glaciers is chal kabood.

 Also one of the sources of dez river named marbere comes from this summit.

One of the other features that makes Oshtoran kooh interesting for athletes is the beauty of south footlands. It has two small and huge rivers of the gahar. This site is  appropriate for camping. Lakes with craters with dimentions of 100 hectare, 2500 meters length, 800 meters width and depth of 28 meters, with 2400 meters height from the sea level.

There are also other beautiful sites like negar valley, bisheh water fall, taleh zang water fall, takht valley,  snowy tunel and many other waterfalls are near oshtoran kooh which you can take the joy of them.


Taftan volcanic mountain

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Taftan is the name of a semi active volcano in Iran. This mountain is located in south east of Iran in Sistan and Balochestan state and with the height of 3941 meters from the sea level is a high volcanic mountain and has several summits. The volcanic summit of this region is famous as Chehel tan which in terms of linguistic can be translated for the for (forty people). It is located in 380 kilometers from the Mokran sea and only 100 kilometers distance from Zahendan city. From three of its craters,  sulfur steam is always egressing.  In the entrance of the craters there are many pure sulfur boards. This summit has two branches, one in northern region and its name is ziarat and the other one that is shorter and named as Madeh kooh. From the north east its name is Sobah kooh and from the west it is Nar kooh. The closest city to Taftan is Khash. According to the history of outbursts of this volcanic summit in 6950 years ago and having no activity in the recent years this summit is famous as a semi active one.

Because of the strong and cold winds in winter climbing to this summit is so hard. In other words the three hour rout to shelter needs more than eight hours. Native people believes that forty people from the religious masters were lost in the main summit they name it chehel tan. Taftan mountain range length is 12 kilometers.

In taftan heights you can see three lakes famous as Daryasar. Two of them are in the north part of Taftan They have fresh water and they are not deep. The other lake is deep and has salty water. There are also other rivers which comes from this mountain. There are many kind of  plants that grow in this region. Wolf, fox and jackals are from the animal cover of this area. Normally snowing and the snow storage in this region is less than Dena and Damavand. By the way referring to the point that if the material that exits from the Taftan volcanic summit mixed with water it makes a toxic  matter.

As whole there are four main routs to climb to Taftan. Shelter route in west face, Torshab village from east, Tamin village in north and Sangan and Khonjak village in north east.

Learn how to ski

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Learn how to ski

(Part ONE)


Skiing is a very simple and enjoyable sport if tackled in the correct way. You do not have to be eithter young or athletic to enjoy the pleasures of gliding down a slope on skis. Befor making your first steps on snow get used to your equipment whilst learning a few basics.

You can learn to ski on a weekened course. Provided the instruction is clear and you are willing to learn. Skiing is as much a mental as a physical activity. It will pay to prepare yourself for the weekened and ensure that your time and attention is devoted solely to the business in hand learning the basics of skiing.

Wearing in

Choose a clear weekened, free of interruptions from family, friends, or social commitments. If possible get your equipment out on hire befor your ski weekened commences and get used to it. Handle the poles, wear your boots (and be sure they fit well), learn how to put on and take of your skis so Get used to the boots especially and feel comfortable wearing them. Walk around and get used to the extra weight they have added to the end of your legs. Walk up and down stairs in them and practice resting your weight on the edges of the boots. This will make subsequent movements on skis that much more familier. You don’t need snow for any of this, the more comfortable you are with your ski equipment, the easier your sking will be when you actually get out on the slopes.


Wearing out

Skiing is a sport and, as with all sports, it pays to be fit or, at any rate, a little fitter, befor you start.

This preparation should begin some weeks befor the course itself. The important element in it is to accustom your muscles to new strains and tone up the body for a certain amount of physical effort. Stretching excercises are extremely useful, as is any activity that helps to strengthen the legs.


Open your eyes to your new environment. One of the great joys of skiing is that it takes place in the mountains. When you go skiing don’t let your desire to master the skills detract you from enjoing the environment, the fresh mountain air, the sunshine, and the sheer beauty of the snow-capped peaks.

On a more practical point when you arrive at the top of the lift and see the mountains spread out all around you, with runs leading off in every direction. Allow time for warming up, flexing your muscles, and getting your bearings. Make sure you have applied sufficient sun block and lip salve, and check that your ski bindings are correctly fastened, and everything is in good order you sett off. Decide where you are going and how to get there. If you don’t feel confident, take a deep breath. Try to relax and go back to the basics you will learn from this book. On these basic techniques rests the whole foundation of your skiing.

Above all though, remember to enjoy youerself. skiing, and learning to ski, should be fun and will be fun if you remember to enjoy it while you are learning the techniques.

Ski resorts

You can find the list of Ski resorts of Iran here.  In early days most of your activity is concentrated on the nursery slopes. Which may not be on the lower slopes, so you may need to use a chairlift or a tow-lift befor you can begin actually skiing. You will also need to carry a lift-pass.

SOURCE: Learn to ski in a weekened(konrad bartelski with robin neillands)

Alvand mountain

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Alvand mountain

A single mountain from east branches of central zagros, with the dimentions of 1375 square kilometers.

The biggest geranit phenomenon from the fourth time geology. Alvand mountain is connected to Khoda bande lo mountain in sanandaj from north west, from south east to Rasvand heights and Vafs mountain. The highest summit of it named as alvand located 18 kilometers in south of Hamedan and its crest is between Hamedan and tuyserkan and Its height from sea is 3574 meters. The direction of this mountain is from north west to south east. Alvand devide Hamedan state to two north and south halfs. This mountain has deep green head valleys, fountains and different summtis. This region is on the list of protected areas in iran. Also it is on the list of iran natural heritage. Alvand mountain ranges is considerable and  precious from the lithology aspect.

From the famous valley of alvand we can mention morad beyg valley, mishan plateau and takht nader. There is also a valuable historical site on Alvand valleys which is a heritage from achaemenid period and that is ganj nameh.


Takht nader

Takht nader is one of the alvand mountain plateaus in Hamedan . its vegetation with the dimensition of 1.5 hectare grass land located in 2900 meters from the sea level. There are nagotiations on its name , some said its name come from the king nader , when he came to visit this region. As whole this site is so beautiful and worth to see it and it is an interesting destination In Hamedan.

 Ganj nameh

There are precious inscriptions from  the period of dariush and achaemenid khashayar sha the Persian king. They are written on alvand rocks at the end of abas abad  in 5 kilometers west of Hamedan . Inscriptions are in three columns with tweny rows. It is written within three languages.

Ganj name has also a waterfall within the height of 12 meters .

Also High rocks of this region attracts many athletes to this site for rock climbings.

Mishan plateau

Close to one of the fabulous summits of iran, alvand, there is a spacious green head plateau. Its dimention is one hectare on the way of rising up to alvand. The way to this site involves mountain climbing and as you get higher you will see a stunning land scape which you can enjoy. The best season to visit this plateau is in spring and summer

Morad beyg valley

The biggest valley of alvand mountain valley. It is in south of Hamedan. Despite other alvand valleys which are on the way of ancient ways this valley is located in a closer area with not much commute. There is only a path that is at the end of the valley and its not suitable for cars.

History of skiing in iran

History of skiing in iran

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History of skiing in iran

Iran has mountainous climate and has snowy heights. History of skiing in iran backs to 2000 years befor Christ. In ancient iran people used special equipments with wood and other things to glide on snow. But modern ski entered iran in 1930. Infact Two foreigner groups that came to iran propagate the modern ski in iran. First group were the germans that came to iran to built rail ways. They used to go to alborz footlands for sking. Native people were interested with what they did. Other regions like firooz kuh, haji abad, Shemshak were other sites germans used.

Hasan fazeli might be the first Iranian guy who learned ski professionally. When he was 15 years old he used to go to haji abad region with germans and ski there with them. Few years later because of avalanche 3 people died following that (reza shah) king of iran at that time forbid sking in that region. The second group who helped propagating ski in iran were the educated Iranian people that studied out of iran. They came back to their country from france and swiss and started teaching ski to beginners.


Ski equipments

 In 1941 ( Etehad ) carpentry workshop was the first studio which started to produce ski equipments and sticks in iran.

This workshop was in south of Tehran and its ski sticks was famous as name of Etehad. But befor that a carpenter named (var) used to accept orders for ski sticks in lale zar street. Also In lashgarak a little factory started creating ski sticks in 1949.They started obseving different kinds of woods. They found out that buxus wood are the best kind for ski sticks. Technology of ski sticks was not that much advanced those years.


Have a glance to Ski federation birth in iran

Birth of several federations was the significant events in iran in 1941. Fiftheen federtions including ski federation launched their jobs in 1946. The very first presidency of the ski federation was felix aghayan.

In Early 1921, Ski became popular in iran as a luxury activity for rich people. A few years later ski federation established and became a member of international federation in 1955. Then ski  officially became one of the sport fields in iran. After the Islamic revolution in iran in 1981 saveh shemshaki appointed as the head of the federation. During years different chiefs were in head but save shemshaki survived until 2000.


Holding the first matches

First matches was in 1939 in telo resort with 21 skier in 500 meters. Taghi emami win and became number one in that year. little by little sking became more popular . Matches were held in two branches . Marathon and and speed in short destination. Atheletes like (ebrahim estaki) and (fiper brothers) get to national matches.


Iran Ski resorts


The first ski resort which had chair lift an had ski equipments device is abali . Its Instrument installation date backs to 1954. Befor that athletes and fans of mountains were also sking in this region.

This site has a moderated weather in summer. Some other features like water fountains and holy shrine  of imam zadeh hashem are parts of this site. Abali is located in 57 kilometers, north east of Tehran. This region is the birth place for young ski in iran. Abali includes a gondola lift, 5 chairlift and several other equipments. This resort is also devided into three parts.


Dizin ski resort is the first one of its kind in iran. It has confirmation of  the international ski federation to hold official matches. Dizin ski resort is famouse because of the standard features like appropriate road slope, road length, tournament venue and welfare options. Dizin is located in north of Tehran mountains in (gajere region). Installation date of the first devices was in 1969. The equipments includes gondola, telesiyej, chair lifts and other ones.


Caves in Iran

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Caves in iran

Caves are the result of physical and chemical destruction of streams and underground rivers that like superficial rivers makes their river beds.

In long time ago caves used as human shelters.They were places to save food and water and also protecting people from the animals and cold and hot weather.

Iran has got 2500 dry and watery caves. If you are interested in having adventures and have a trip to deep inside the ground lets travel and plan to visit caves in iran which are in so many different types.


Alisadr cave is the biggest water cave in the world. It belongs to 190 million years ago. Its archaism backs to Jurassic period. Because there is no light in the cave no creature is alive except single cells and algae. Also Nifargoosh a special hard-shell that belongs to alisadr is living there . Because it is mostly water inside the cave for visiting different parts of it you need to ride boats. You can go within 2 kilometers inside the cave. Also its full of stalaktit and stalagmits,

You can get there within one hour from Hamedan. The weather inside the cave is moderated even in summer and you need to have warm clothes with you.

Ghoori ghaleh

The longest cave in iran and the biggest water cave in asia. It is located in Kermanshah. It belongs to 65 million years ago. This cave has several famous halls. One of them is called Beethoven hall that  each candle of it makes a uniqe sound. Its interesting to know a rare kind of bat is still living there.

Katale khor cave

An enormous beautiful cave located in 120 km from south of zanjan. It was discovered about 9 years ago but the operations is not over. katale means low mountain and khor is the abbreviation of khorshid(sun). Because of the summit that the cave is located in that this cave is named. Until now 3 levels of this cave is dicscovered. But it is guessed that there is created of 7 levels and makes it as the first limestone cave in the world.

geological studies says that the cave formation date backs to the Jurassic period. Some scientists said that this cave is connected to alisadr cave in hamadan.

Inside the cave human skeleton and clay hand crafts are found and now 2 kilometers of the cave is that is a third of the cave is open for visit.

Chama ice cave

A cave that if you want to see the similar ones with that you have to travel to the northern zones on the planet. Visiting this much of ice and snow in warm seasons will amaze you. The cave is located in chaharmahal bakhtiari in chama valley.

This site is the largest sweet water source in iran. under the ice there is a lucid river which finalize to koohrang dam and dont forget to bring suitable shoes and safety supplies.


Ayoob cave

This cave is on a mountain with this name in kerman. Its special feature is the huge crater which is the biggest crater between caves in iran.  It has height of 80 meters and length of 60 meters, moreover that it is the biggest igneous cave in iran.


Saholan cave

One of the most amazing caves in iran that is located in Azerbaijan, it’s the second atery cave in iran after alisadr.

At the end mentioning the point that there are lots of other caves in iran with different natures and they are all uniqe in their field and worth to see .


The snow heaven of Iran in Shemshak Ski Resort

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The snow heaven of Iran in Shemshak Ski Resort


Shemshak is famous as alp of Iran.The city with wooden cottages and a ski resort. It is located in foot land of mountains around Tehran. Visiting mountains covered with snow and enjoying snow amusements attract many people to this area. If you are fan of skiing this international ski site can be a great choice for having an exciting day. Shemshak is one of the cities county Fooman roodbar ghasran township of north of Tehran.

Shemshak city

This city includes, up Shemshak and down Shemshak, Darbandsar, sefidstan villages, farms, dorod and jirod.

 Shemshak resort and Darbandsar resort are the most important tourism sites in this area.  Dal Neshin summit, Aftab Nadide Lake, and the huge “band ban” rock are the other sites visitors can enjoy.

Shemshak has got several beautiful hotels, villas. They have different architecture with spectacular view that makes this area to countryside for Tehran.

History of ski and ski resort construction in Iran

Not a very long time ago Shemshak mountains snow were kept intact until spring in order to join the rivers.

Ski was not a well-known sport, and amusement options were not in heights.

Decedent person named (baba jan ali save shemshaki) had written in his diary about german engineers that were working in coal mine of Shemshak.he wrote

The German engineer the head of the motor house of coalmine used to do a special activity.

In holidays, they use long woods to attach them to their foot and gliding on snow and Sometimes germans jumped from a deep pit and by watching them we were also interested in this activity.

so we made some instruments like them and start skiing and This way little by little native people get interested in this activity.

Following that the very first ski resort created in “Tello hills” and after that in Shemshak.

After a while with adding equipment like lifting device, hammered skiing, chairlift and Gandola lift this sport become famous in this area.

And now these days Shemshak become one of the important winter destinations for ski fans.

Shemshak international ski resort

Shemshak Ski Resort is the biggest resort in Iran after Dizin. This resort launched working in 1958.

This international resort located in north east of Tehran in a near distance from Shemshak city.

From equipment of this resort we can mention two chairlift, two plate boarding, two hammered skiing and yellow spotlight.

Having two hotels and four restaurants makes this resort more suitable for staying.

Furthermore, one of the most attractive features of this area is special lighting at nights and within the yellow spotlights there is possibility to ski at midnight for the fans.

Shemshak height in the most high spot is 3050meters and in low spot is 2550 meters from the sea.


Dizin ski resort opened in 1968. In north of Tehran mountains (Gajere area),

and in destination of 123 kilometers from Chaloos road and 71 kilometers of Shemshak road.

Height of lowest level from the sea in this area is 2650 meters and highest point is 3600 meter. From the comforts of this zone according to the size of this area, there are two hotels,19 huts and five restaurants. There are also ski activities in winter.

In 1993 under the supervision of ski world federation and with companion of professionals in this field grass skiing launched.

This ski resort is the first ski resort in Iran and it is confirmed by ski world federation for holding official matches. It becomes well known for holding official matches.

Formality of this site depends on special features which includes technical notes like slope of the way, length of the way, the exact place of matches held and other welfare facilities.


Maintaining habitats

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Maintaining habitats


In recent year’s efforts for following up and creation of habitats is under attraction. Maintaining habitats means to prohibit the irregular hunt and prevent the destruction of rare animal generation. So there are actions in progress about that in iran. For this purpose an area with the size of 7.2 million kilometers is created in the country. Authorities built 50 biological range include eight wildlife parks, 38 protected areas and four forbidden areas .

Wild life parks


Wild life are talented areas like pasturage, forest, mountains or the rivers beside them.

These parks has a set of rules. For the reason of always protecting the life of animals and plants and reproducing of them.

As whole in these areas hunting, grazing livestock and cutting trees and other plants is illegal.

The biggest park of the country is the wild park of Golestan. It is in Golestan forest, Khorasan and Gorgan borders. In other words located in maintenance area and east of Gonbad-e Kavoos and Bojnord.

This area is about 90 thousand hectares. Aggregation jungles with Caspian leaves covers one point third of the land. There has also trees with niddle leaves at heights.

In low height areas and out of forests thick trees give their places to brambles and steppe plats.

Animals in this land are protected under special conditions. The flood of July 2001 caused considerable damage to the creature of this area.

Protected habitats

Rules of wild parks are predominant in these areas. So Grazing livestock is completely illegal.

we can name urmieh lake and its islands from the maitained habitats  .

Protected area of kavir in bakhtar in dasht kavir and protected area of anzali swampt and at last arzhan plain, Parishan Lake and Bakhtegan lake area and Hamoon Lake are all protected areas.

Forbidden areas

These areas include lands that are for protecting and reproducing of animals. So Hunting is illegal for several years there. After this period hunting is free under conditions.


Best locations for Ski mountaineering in Iran

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Best locations for Ski mountaineering in Iran


Iran has a rich geological nature with a unique climate situation. Mostly Iranian enjoy having all four seasons at the same time. For instance, you can enjoy skiing on the north, get to seashore, and enjoy the sun on south in just a single day.

Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges cover the most of the country. In fact, you can find more than 150 mountains above 4000 meters, these Mountains are widely spread around the country, and they are different and unique in their properties.

High altitude, Good snow condition, and long ski Season are the reasons that makes best locations for ski mountaineering in iran. Although it is not a very long time since athletes started ski mountaineering in Iran, there are lots of sites suitable with great potential for this activity.

Here we want to name some of the attractive locations, which is compatible to the needed options for this sport like the Mount Damavand, Alam-kuh (Alam-Kooh), Sabalan Mountain and Zard-Kuh region.

As you know for sure ski mountaineering is an adventures activity that cannot be done everywhere. It needs its appropriate environment, according to this matter these spots intact regions are magnificent for the athletes in this field. Many people had started doing Ski mountaineering in Iran. Now there are many other fans who are attracted and added to the society of this activity.


Mount Damavand (5610 m)

Damavand mountain is situated at north of Tehran and it is a part of Alborz mountain range with the height of 5610 meter. It’s the highest volcano of Asia. Damavand is mostly snowy, in summer it has brooks on it. There are many thermal springs on the foot of this mountain.

In 1836 British Sir. Tampson had hiked Damavand for the first time and since then trekking Damavand become popular. However, Damavand is not only famous for trekking. Ski mountaineering the highest volcano of Asia has become an interesting activity for adventurists. You can enjoy your time skiing on Damavand between Decembers to May.

2.      Alam-Kuh 

Alam-Kuh (Alam-kooh) is the other ski mountaineering site in Iran. It is located at Mazandaran province.  Alam-Kuh is Aka Alp of Iran. Spectacular views and great snow condition has made this place a great destination for ski mountaineering lovers. Beside that, easy access to the region has expanded the potentials for skiing and expeditions on winter.


3.     Sabalan

Sabalan Mountain is in Azerbaijan province west of Ardabil. It is the third highest mountain of Iran and the second highest volcano of the country. Sabalan is famous for its unique Crater Lake summit. A silent volcano with thermal springs on the foot and a coverage of snow. The region is famous as coldest part of Iran and that is a testament for long ski season.


4.      Zard-Kuh 

Zard-kuh (Zard-Kooh) the region of the leveled mountains and villages in Iran. Because of the high altitude of this region, Zard-kuh is mostly snowy during the year. Easy access to region from Isfahan and great snow condition are among the reasons why you can enjoy ski mountaineering in Zard-Kuh (Zard-Kooh).


Best time for Skiing in Iran

The Ski season varies in Iran depending on the region. However, for Ski mountaineering on these areas the best is between Novembers to end of March. Although you can try ski mountaineering in Zard-kuh (Zard-Kooh) region by end of May.





Iran top summits

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Iran top summits

Iran is among the top 20 countries in the world, in terms of the total area (1,648,195 ) according to  Approximately around two/3rd of the area of Iran is the covered with mountains.  

Iran enjoys from more 150 summits above 4000 meters and crosses the all the summits of the Alps. Here on this article we are going to get familiar with top three highest mountains. We are going to understand where they are located. When is the best time for climbing, skiing? And other general details.

  1. Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand is the highest volcano of Asia and the highest mountain of Iran. It recognized as the symbol of Iranians. Regarding to these facts it is an interesting place for mountain climbers. Activities like trekking, mountain biking, ski mountaineering, glacier climbing and winter expeditions and other activities of the same nature.

There are so many routes to climb mount Damavand. However, there are mostly two faces of the south and the north east which are popular among mountain climbers.

There are two huts on Damavand. One placed on the south route at 4200 meters (Bargah Sevoom). You can rent private rooms or public rooms and use the facilities of the hut.

The other one located on the northeast face and located at 4400 meters above the sea level. The hut is the basic shelter and you must be equipped well especially in winter.

There are also eco camps in the trekking season on the both faces, which are according to the international standards.

If you are interested in trekking the highest volcano of Asia, you can trek Damavand between mid-June to late September. And if you are interested in winter ascend you can start from November to early March.

  1. Alam-Kuh

Alam-Kuh is the second highest mountain of Iran and known as the most technical mountain of Iran. From trekking to BigWall climbing and ski mountaineering you can enjoy the different paths. And more to have chance for summiting many 4000rs summits.

There are no hut on Alam-kuh except the hesarchal Eco-camp, which is suitable for foreign adventurists and tourists.

If you are interested in BigWall climbing you can take the Alam-chal route for climbing. You must conquer with 300 meters wall of granite for climbing.

The best time for trekking is between June to September and for ski mountaineering you can try Alam-kuh between early December to end of March.


  1. Sabalan

Sabalan Mountain is the third highest mountain of the Iran and located in Ardabil province. It is 4811 meters. The bold point about sabalan is the Crater Lake summit, it is mostly frozen during the year. Between July to September (trekking season) you can enjoy the lake at the summit.

There is shelter on the northeast face of Sabalan with only basic facilities and to get you ought to be well Equipped. Ardabil is recognized as the coldest part of Iran and regarding this matter it mostly covered with snow and it is a perfect place for ski mountaineering.