All About Zard-Kuh

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All About Zard-Kuh

Zard-Kuh (4224m.) which means Yellow Mountain is located in central Zagros mountain range in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province of Iran. Local people call it Zard-Kuh e Bakhtiari. It is in west of Iran and it is the second highest mountain in Zagros mountain range after Dena.

Zard-Kuh is one of the richest sources of water for important river flows such as Karun and Zayande-Rud. It is important because of the pouring rains.

Zard-Kuh region’s levelled mountains provide a great possibility for trekking and you can have levelled summits. Mountaineers mostly start their journey from the Cherry pass and continue their way to Robat Bala, Algeh Bala, Dareh Shoo, and Zard-Kuh pass. In the end you will arrive at the Kouhrang dam that is considered as one of the main resources of mineral water in Iran.

Kolunchin is one of the popular summits in Zard-Kuh region. To ascend Kolunchin from Chelgerd County, you have three paths to take.

First one is the north face which is steep and it is a long a way to the summit. The second one would be the eastern face but there are two routes that mountaineers mostly prefer. One of them is through the valley which is covered with snow during the winter. so, it is almost dangerous and it is not suggested for climbing in winter and it’s good for trekking in spring. The other one is through the east face that is convenient for winter ascends.

The weather in Zard-Kuh is quite cold during the year and climbing is truly dangerous in winter due to the heavy snow and possible danger of avalanche. Therefore, ski mountaineering is recommended from November to May. Moreover, Zard-Kuh is a vast land which is available for skiing during winter or even mid-spring. You can go skiing in Chelgerd ski resort where is located at approximately 2500 above the sea level. During summer, trekking is a good idea in which you can enjoy the spectacular scenery while hiking.